• Business Travel Insurance

Key Facts

Policy Number



Lonza Group AG, Basel

Authorized Broker

J+C Budmiger GmbH

Eta-Glob Help-System

CH-3900 Brig

Policy limits

Event aggregatre limit:     CHF 20'000'000
Multi-engine aeroplane limit:  CHF 10'000'000
Other forms of aerial transport limit:     CHF 5'000'000


Group of Persons

Employees of the policyholder and its Subsidiaries or Affiliates in Switzerland

Operative Time

During the period of insurance and whilst undertaking a Business Journey exluding Private Trips with destinations outside the insured person’s Country of Permanent Residence or Country of Assignment.
Cover shall commence from the time of leaving the place of residence or the place of employment (whichever occurs last) and continue until arrival back at the place of residence or the place of employment (whichever occurs first).

Short Table of Benefits and Limits

Policy limits

Event aggregatre limit CHF 20'000'000
Multi-engine aeroplane limit CHF 10'000'000
Other forms of aerial transport limit CHF 5'000'000


Death Benefit

Funeral Expenses:  CHF 10'000


Overseas Medical Expenses

Limit per insured person:  CHF 1'500'000


Medical Evacuation and Repatriation


Repatriation of Mortal Remains


Search and Rescue Operations

Limit per insured person:  CHF 50'000
Limit per event:  CHF 80'000


Dental Emergency Expenses

Illness:  CHF 500
Accident:  CHF 500


Extension of Insurance Coverage with Respect to Warlike Events


Ask for Certificate of Insurance

Please order your certificate of insurance at least 1 week in advance. Your entitlement has to be approved before, we have no direct access to the personal data's from Lonza.


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